Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro Theme: A Full Unbiased Comparison

In one of my previous posts I compared Blocksy Free theme with Kadence free theme. Today I’m going to take a look at the Pro versions of both theme and therefore, let’s dive into Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro theme comparison. During this comparison I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible.

Pay attention thought that in this post I am covering only features provided by PRO version of Kadence and Blocksy, hence I’m not going to go through every free theme feature. See the above mentioned post if you would like to know more about these.

Video: Blocksy Pro Theme vs Kadence Pro Theme: A Full Unbiased Comparison

Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro pricing

For the large number of people the pricing is one of the most important things while comparing those themes. So, let’s talk about pricing.

Blocksy Pro pricing

At the moment Blocksy offers three packages:

  • Personal – 1 site licence for 49$/year. Lifetime license is for 149$
  • Professional – 5 sites license for 69$/year. Lifetime license is for 199$
  • Agency – Unlimited sites license for 99$/year. Lifetime license is for 299$

Kadence Pro pricing

Kadence Pro pricing plans are a bit different. They offer two different plans.

  • Kadence Pro – Unlimited sites licence for 79$/year. Lifetime license is for 269$
  • Kadence Suite – Unlimited sites + all other Kadence plugins and extensions for 219$/year. Lifetime license is for 699$

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Blocksy theme


Kadence theme


Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro: Header builder extensions

Both themes have a free version which already has awesome header builder. But to make it even better, they have added some extra elements for Pro version.

Blocksy Pro header builder extra elements

Blocksy Pro adds these extra elements and features:

  • Multiple conditional headers
  • Duplicate header items (buttons, dividers etc)
  • Multiple header menus
  • Multiple buttons
  • Contact items (phone, address, email, working hours etc.)
  • Search box
  • Dividers
  • Language switcher
  • Widget area trigger
  • Extra HTML area

Kadence Pro header builder extra elements

Kadence Pro adds these extra elements and features:

  • Extra buttons
  • Contact items (phone, address, email, working hours etc.)
  • Search bar
  • Dividers
  • Widget area
  • Toggle with slide-out panel

As you see most of the elements are similar but what Blocksy has that Kadence doesn’t is the option to make multiple conditional headers. Also, Blocksy has an option to duplicate header elements.

Blocksy Content Blocks vs Kadence Elements

“What are Blocksy content blocks or Kadence Elements” one may ask? Well, basically they are theme hooks you can use to add extra content to you site without the need to custom code anything.

For example, with the couple of clicks you can add extra content below the Woocommerce single product page. If you’re interested then see this post on “How to use Blocksy Content Blocks & Hooks – Full Tutorial”

Both of the systems work well and there is no big difference between them. One thing that Kadence Pro has and Blocksy Pro doesn’t is the option to make fixed elements with scroll effect. That means your element is appearing after scrolling down or after a couple of seconds.

Blocksy has a built in visual hooks guide which is really helpful. With the couple of click you’ll be able to see all the hooks locations you can use. Currently, Kadence Pro doesn’t have it built in.

Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro mega menu builder

Once again they are a bit similar. They both offer:

  • Creating mega menus
  • Choose between different mega menu layouts
  • Add menu badges/labels
  • Show content blocks or elements inside the mega menu
  • Add icons
  • Disable menu links
  • Show only menu icon
  • Customize menu backgrounds and links

If you’re interested then see those tutorials I have made:

Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro custom code adding options

Both theme have a built in option to add custom scripts in your header and footer, also after opening body tag. You can use this for adding your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel etc. codes without the need to install any extra plugins.

Blocksy Code Snippets

First, you would need to activate this addons. Therefore, go to Blocksy >> Extensions >> Pro Extensions and activate Custom Code Snippets addons.

Now go to Appearance >> Customize >> Extensions and there is a Custom Code Snippets.

Kadence Header/Footer scripts

To activate this addon go to Appearance >> Kadence >> And activate Header/Footer scripts.

Now go to Appearance >> Customize >> Custom scripts and there you can add your scripts.

Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro Woocommerce addons and extras

First let’s talk a bout similar options both themes have and later let’s see whether there is something that one has and another doesn’t.

Both pro version add these options:

  • Cart drawer / Auto opening cart / Off-canvas cart (basically, it is a system that auto opens side cart when product is added)
  • Floating add to cart
  • Off-canvas filter area

Kadence Pro only Woocommerce extras

  • Ajax add to cart (Blocksy has it already for free version)
  • Custom Shop page built with blocks or Page Builder – allows you to override your shop page layout and build it with the page builder or Gutenberg

Blocksy Pro only Woocommerce extras

  • Quick view module
  • Wishlist for products
  • Three extra single product layouts
  • Gallery slider

So, since Kadence doesn’t have a Quick view and Wishlist option then it seems to me that currently Blocksy Pro has more built in Woocomemrce features than Kadence.

Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro footer builder

As with the header builder they are similar but Blocks adds something more than Kadence does.

Blocksy Pro footer builder features

  • Multiple conditional footers
  • Duplicate footer items
  • Logo item
  • Search box
  • Buttons

Kadence Pro footer builder features

  • Extra Widget area

As you see Blocksy has more footer elements and Kadence Pro doesn’t is the option to make multiple conditional footers. Also, Blocksy has an option to duplicate footer elements.

Other Blocksy Pro and Kadence Pro features

There are some other good stuff both themes are packing with the pro version.

Blocksy Pro other features

  • Custom fonts (+ support for variable fonts) – An option to upload unlimited number of custom fonts and use them anywhere on the site
  • Adobe Typekit fonts – you can connect your Adobe account and use your fonts in any typography option
  • Local Google Fonts – you can serve Google Fonts from your own server (Kadence already has it built in for free version)
  • Multiple Sidebars – you can create unlimited sidebars and display them conditionally on post, pages or custom post types. See this tutorial I have mad about it. (Kadence uses Elements for replacing the sidebars)
  • White label – you can change the theme branding to your own custom one. NB! This is for Agency plan only and not available for Personal or Pro plans.

Kadence Pro other features

  • Local Gravatars – you can serve local Gravatars from your own server and this way improve your site performance
  • Archive custom page title backgrounds – It allows you to assign a custom image for a taxonomy (category, tag, product category etc.) background (Blocksy already has it built in for free version)
  • Infinite scroll for archive pages (Blocksy already has it built in for free version)

Summary: Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro full unbiased comparison

As you saw from this Blocksy Pro vs Kadence Pro comparison these themes are both really powerful and offer so much value for the money. It depends on your needs whether you like one or another but I am certain that you can’t go wrong with these themes.

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