How to remove Site health widget from the WordPress Dashboard?

Have you ever had to deal with the “Site health” widget on your WordPress dashboard? You know, the one that tells you how well your site is performing based on some arbitrary criteria that no one really understands. Well, I have, and let me tell you, it’s not fun. Especially when my customers start to panic about “Why is my site health is Good and not Excellent”.

How to remove Site healt widget from the WordPress Dashboard?

WordPress site health widget issues

As a web developer, I have to deal with a lot of things: coding, debugging, testing, deploying, and of course, dealing with clients. But nothing annoys me more than the “Site health” widget displayed on the dashboard. It’s supposed to give me a quick overview of how well my site is performing, but instead it gives me headaches.

Especially when my customers start to panic about “Why is my site health is Good and not Excellent”. They think that “Good” means bad and “Excellent” means good. They don’t understand that there are many factors that affect the site health score and that it’s not a reflection of their business success.

They start bombarding me with emails and calls asking me to fix their site health score. They don’t care about the actual functionality or design of their site. They just want to see that green check mark next to “Excellent”. Sometimes I wish I could just disable that widget or change it to something more realistic like “Your site is alive and kicking” or “Your site is not on fire”.

They think that their site is doomed to fail because it doesn’t have enough plugins or themes or whatever. They call me up and demand that I “fix their site health immediately or else….” They don’t care that their site is fast, secure and user-friendly. They only care about that stupid widget.

It’s not helpful. It’s annoying. It’s like having a nagging mother-in-law who constantly criticizes your cooking and your parenting skills. It’s like having a dentist who tells you that you need to floss more every time you visit him. It’s like having a teacher who gives you a B+ instead of an A because you forgot to put a comma in your essay. It’s like having a… well, you get the idea. The “Site health” widget is the bane of my existence and I wish it would go away.

How to remove Site health widget from the WordPress Dashboard?

So, if you would like to remove site healt widget from the WordPress dashboard, then use this snippet here below. If you don’t know where to add the code snippet, then add it either to your child theme’s functions.php file or better yet, use a snippet manager like Code Snippets

// Remove Site Health widget from the Dashboard
    function () {
        global $wp_meta_boxes;
        unset( $wp_meta_boxes['dashboard']['normal']['core']['dashboard_site_health'] );

And there you go: now your site health widget has been removed from the WordPress dashboard.

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